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Windows VPS Servers

Server Name Cores Ram Disk Network Speed Price Order
VPS #1 1 vCore 2GB RAM 100GB HDD 1 GBPS Port (No Bandwith Limit) 8.00$/month
VPS #2 2 vCores 4GB RAM 200GB HDD 1 GBPS Port (No Bandwith Limit) 15.00$/month
VPS #3 2 vCores 8GB RAM 250GB HDD 1 GBPS Port (No Bandwith Limit) 25.00$/month
VPS #4 4 vCores 16GB RAM 500GB HDD 1 GBPS Port (No Bandwith Limit) 40.00$/month
VPS #5 8 vCores 32GB RAM 1TB (1000GB) HDD 1 GBPS Port (No Bandwith Limit) 60.00$/month

If you are interested in ordering a server with higher specifications than offered on this page, please contact live support!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some tips when choosing a hosting package?

We recommend choosing higher specifications than you predict you will need!

If you have any further questions please contact Live Support. We are happy to help.

How can I contact your support team?

You may speak to our live support by clicking here: Live Support

What are the differences between a Dedicated Server and a VPS?

Essentially, one of the differences between dedicated servers and virtual servers is that resources of a virtual server are split between different hosting accounts, while a dedicated server is dedicated to your own personal use.
With a Dedicated Server you have rights to all of the resources of the machine, and you can configure the hosting environment anyway you wish.
A VPS (Virtual Server) is typically more affordable and better for smaller operations (personal websites, game servers, etc.)