High-Tech Equiptment

All of our servers are outfitted with the latest technology to suit our customers needs!

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All of Mainframe Central's Servers are well maintained and provided with spacious room on server racks along with advanced liquid-cooling systems.

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Network Protection

All of our Datacenter Network connections are protected with State of the art Firewalls and DDoS Mitigation Services & Networking Monitoring!

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Secure Data

Connect with then world knowing all of your data is secured! All Data is secured and encrypted when transferred on our network to prevent security breaches!

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Premium Support

Mainframe Central offers real-time support 24/7 for ALL Customers and every package! Rest assured knowing your server is in our hands.

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We maintains our standards to the highest to achieve the best experience for our clients!


With fail-overs, Dedicated Network Lines,Network Security & 24/7 Monitoring , We have the highest virtue for our customers. Our servers have the highest technology equipped into them and we hope that you will enjoy this feature!

Limitless Options

From Windows to Linux, to even Custom Operating Requests being offered for VPS and Dedicated servers that is not it! Your options are Limitless here!


Maybe it is the Incredible devleopment team we have or possibly just the base the company was founded upon, Our company has some of the most advanced and secure servers there are out there! In front of the customers options, we have a Professional and dedicated staff team ready to help at ANY Time!

Quality Servers

We offer a wide variety of hosting all hosted on our quality servers! We take pride in being efficient and give quality products to our clients.

DDoS Protection

Our DDoS Mitigation Systems are top of the line and monitored 24/7 by our networking experts at no extra charge! We ensure your server uptime with Network Firewalls, Tilera, and Arbor Mitigation.


Not only do we have Network Technicians and Monitors in place 24/7, we provide all servers with a stable and secure network system.

Public Servers

We offer public testing servers to show our hosting is quality, fast and reliable!

Minecraft Server -

Garry's Mod Server -

MTA:SA Server -